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ProMicro is an industrial/environmental microbiological consulting laboratory based in Perth, Western Australia. We are a leader in food microbiology relating to food poisoning, spoilage and shelf life determination and together have over 100 years experience. We also undertake microbiological analyses of waters for industry, potability and swimming pool water quality.

In the Legionella field, ProMicro is an industry leader and has been involved in detection of these organisms since well before the introduction of AS 3666 for the microbial control of air handling systems for buildings.

ProMicro has been a pioneer in bioremediation work by using micro organisms to break down various types of waste products.

Wherever microbes are involved in industry, ProMicro can help you with biological solutions.


APRIL 2013
ProMicro has joined with one of the world's leading microbiological companies, 3M, to bring you the latest isothermal DNA amplification, and bioluminescence detection technology enabling us to confidently release negative Salmonella results the next day. Already validated by AFNOR and AOAC, we have conducted extensive in-house testing to ensure that your results are correct. Using NATA's requirements, we have verified that the negative results are equivalent to AS5013.10 in this laboratory. Of course, all positive results must be confirmed culturally, but the majority of Salmonella testing results will be available the next day- at no additional cost.
To discuss your testing requirements please contact Bruce Reed.

JULY 2012
ProMicro, ProMicro Bali and ProMicro's Ed Reed recently featured in an exclusive Today Tonight investigation into the quality of water in Bali, Indonesia. Under conditions stipulated by ProMicro Bali, water samples were taken and tested, with the results interpreted by ProMicro's Ed Reed.

ProMicro and Bruce Reed have recently become approved by the Western Australian Government Department of Health under the Food Act of 2008. To view our accrediation certificates click the Accreditations link above, for more information on the Food Act of 2008 click here, alternatively to view the act click here. Please note, these links will take you to an external website.

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